Hey there! We are Nuts.
Established 2012 – Amsterdam.

Hey There! 

We are NUTS. Nuts is a brand focussing on having fun in the water, and delivering the very best products to do so. We want you to have as much fun in life as possible, and we are here to help you.

Nuts is a collective of boardriders, based in the Netherlands, but with members all over the world. Not afraid to try new spots, new techniques and think outside the box.

The bussiness nowadays is full of office people. Marketing strategies, investors, companies with 100’s of people don’t surf at all. Nuts is an small, independent company. We are next to you in the water, we quit a day of working if the waves are breaking. We do what feels right, not what’s making the most money.


Nuts isn’t just a name. 

Going back to 1945, WW2, Ardennes, Belgium.

A group of allied soldiers is surrounded by German troups, near the town of Bastogne. They are low on food, medicines, ammo and the cold winter is taking his toll. The Germans placed big cannons all around them, and after several days of surrounding. The German general sends out a letter to the allied forces. It’s a surrender note.

They have 2 hours to surrender.

After that, the Germans would completely bomb down the area. The allied forces, under the command of Anthony McAulliffe made a short and simple anwser… NUTS!

It boosted the moral of the soldiers sky high, and the following hours they survived the heavy attacks of the Germans. The next morning the sky cleared enough, and over 300 airplanes came to the rescue. What followed is history.

Follow your feeling, Free your mind, Do what feels right. Stay true, Stay NUTS!