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Every user of our products is unique. It is our neverending quest to find the best combination, to give you the best grip on the market. Using the best techniques wich are tested for years, we bring you the most solid product. Even though we are using excisting techniques, we are open minded and allways looking to push the limits.

Powerful Yet Simple

We use the best adhesive that is available on the market, made by 3m. There are multiple types of 3M on the market, every type having his own pro’s and cons. We know whats the best, and that is what we use to make you happy.

Fully Responsive

We love all boards. Short boards, wide boards, fat boards, small boards. Every board does have it own feelings, so its important to stay in touch with your board, and feel what its thinking. Combine that feeling with an very grippy and comfortable foam, and feel what heaven is like.

Stunning Design & Features

We love to make people happy with our products, but only if the peoplle that are making the products are at least as happy as our users.

Fully Customisable

Our pads are made from the very best EVA foam. We had lots of tests with all kinds of foam, and we found out EVA is the way to go. Strong, bouncy, grippy, just how you like it.


Double the pattern, double the grip! Think outside the box and get all the grip you need to go throw that big sppppshhh, and more!

Free Support & Updates

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Every part of our product is designed like that for a reason. We overthinked every part of the product at least 10 times, and teste it endlessly. The best products of the world aren’t designed by accident.

We have a passion for boardsports, just like you! But we also have a big passion for products, an allmost unhealty passion. The moment we finish the design of a perfect product, its allmost as good as sliding out of a spitting barrel. Allmost.

We allways love to stay in touch with our costummers and riders. The feedback we get from them allows us to adjust the products and make it even better. A special shoutout to all of you, we love you!

“The devil is in the details”, so we made sure we checked them all. All those tiny details will come together at the moent you ride the best wave of your live an stick down every schwackkkk.

“We have let people from different points of view looking at our products. Product designers, artists, engineers. Surfers, kitesurfers, wakesurfers, skimboards. People that think outside the box.”

Tom Haakman
C.E.O & Founder

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